• 4 days ago. All of us who have followed the Denver Broncos all season long have become used to hearing quarterback Peyton Manning say things like 
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      Jan 12, 2014 The biggest winner of Divisional Round. Weekend? The city of Omaha, Neb. of course, after the Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning wore out the 
    • 3 days. ago Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning went to the podium Wednesday in Englewood, Omaha!” — Manning was able to get the Chargers to jump offsides five times, adding a. Part of it is a mind game, Patriots player say.
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      2 days ago. So what is Peyton Manning signaling. when he yells "Omaha! He joked about it this week when a reporter asked him to explain, saying it was a run call … or a Most of the time, it's best for a defense to do more looking than 
    • 6 days ago. It was hard not to, with Peyton Manning barking the snap count directly Via NFL com, above is every instance of Manning shouting "Omaha" at the. Said Incognito: "Tom Brady always used to say 'Omaha' and that meant 
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      Jan 12, 2014 Peyton Manning sure does like saying "Omaha" a lot. In fact, he's saying "Omaha" on almost every snap He's saying "Omaha" so much that we 
    • 19 hours ago. If you are looking for an answer, it is likely that the Omaha call has something to do with the snap count Manning uses the word. more often 
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      13 hours. ago Peyton Manning yelled "OMAHA" before 44 of his team's 70 plays last week Tom Brady used to yell it all the time, but started saying "Alpha" instead. On Fox Football Daily last fall, Brian. Urlacher and Randy Moss did a 
    • 16 hours. ago "I think it shows Peyton Manning really loves Omaha," Mayor Jean But I would say this, if you have to prepare harder for this game, that 
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      15 hours. ago. Not only is Peyton Manning heading to his third Super Bowl, he made $24800 for his Rick Reilly explores. Omaha, Neb , to find out what the locals think. of their city's newfound Did Peyton Manning make. a big statement?