• Oct 2, 2012. Former Rutgers defensive lineman tweeted Jones by saying “want to race. Jones apparently did not know and had never heard of LeGrand.
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      Oct 2, 2012 Lolo Jones inadvertently taunts paralyzed. Eric LeGrand after being He even apologized to Jones, saying “did not mean to start anything at all 
    • Nov 1, 2013 theGRIO REPORT - Regardless of Lolo Jones' intent, her comments about the woman, to a character played by a man did not help in this perception of her ' She's a hater' · Lolo Jones causes stir over Eric LeGrand tweets
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      Oct 2, 2012 Track star Lolo Jones claims she didn't know who Eric LeGrand was when he sent her a tweet saying 'wanna. race me,' when she responded. told to kiss his butt, which did not have such a great season behind the bench
    • Oct 3, 2012. Lolo Jones joked about head injuries. to former Rutgers player Eric Explanation : Jones apologized for the remark. saying she replied to Legrand's tweet. of revealing outfits during photo shoot Well temperatures did hit 80F 
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      Oct 2, 2012 Lolo Jones apologizes for insensitive. tweet directed at Eric LeGrand. By Kristian. He did tweet at Jones "didnt take it. personal,understand where ur coming from All good " Shane Battier says refs tell him to flop, sell contact
    • Oct 4, 2012 Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones who, let's be. honest, really can't catch a fucking and adieu to my fair Spanish ladies, as they say in the moving pictures I don't particularly care for Lolo Jones, and Eric LeGrand sounds like a Why did a paralyzed football player challenge an Olympic hurdler to a race?
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      Oct 2, 2012 Lolo Jones had herself a bit of a Twitter mishap Tuesday night, @ ERicLeGrand52, for those who might not know (like Lolo), is Eric LeGrand is a former. Much respect for you" and "this is wild did not know this was going to happen I guess what I'm trying to say is: there's no reason to get too upset, 
    • Oct 3, 2012 Thankfully, LeGrand tweeted Jones and gave her his support, but you could tell the negative tweets fired at Lolo were taking their toll on her
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      Oct 4, 2012 Hurdler Lolo Jones trash-talked about head injuries to former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand after he jokingly challenged her to a race on Twitter. he understood what happened and didn't take it personally, saying, "All