• Feb 26, 2013 Alt Ranks: Most spectacular USC QBs in NFL history. However, he might want to play backup for a winner The L A. Rams' lone Super Bowl appearance came when Haden broke his finger and was replaced by Ferragamo 
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      No quarterback from USC has started and won a Super Bowl but there have been Doug Williams (Washington Redskins, won Superbowl XXII and was named 
    • QBs with Back-to-Back. Super Bowl Wins There are 7, but Bradshaw How many former USC quarterbacks. have won Super Bowls? None ---- Through Super 
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      Feb 2, 2013 Video: Point/Counterpoint: Who. Will Win Super Bowl XLVII? While U S C may have had a whopping 21 quarterbacks drafted over the years, 
    • The Trojans' 5 offensive tackles and 4 quarterbacks in 2012 were the most of any A Trojan has appeared in all but 5 of the. 47 Super Bowls (there have been 104. of the best ways to win a Super Bowl is to (have a USC player on the team).
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      Jul 25, 2011. With that being said, here are the 10 best USC quarterbacks ever I didn't look at NFL accomplishments, so his super bowl win doesn't hold 
    • He noted that, in the Super Bowl era, USC (15), Notre Dame (13), the NFL; Purdue is tied for first with Alabama in producing Super Bowl winning quarterbacks
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      List of USC Trojans starting quarterbacks Jr 13, 12–1, All-Pac-10 First Team; Rose Bowl MVP 2007 · John David Booty · Redshirt Sr 10, 9–1, Rose Bowl MVP.
    • Sep 24, 2010. USC quarterbacks that did have the opportunity. to start in the NFL never made their. by Vince Ferragamo who went on to lead the Rams to the Super Bowl. Odds to Win 2011 College Football BCS National Championship
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      May 5, 2013. In the Super Bowl era, USC quarterbacks have won 22 outright or. and UCLA Troy Aikman (multiple Super Bowl winner and Hall of Famer)