• Mar 2, 2013 Folks, I hope you're sitting down:. By one measure, the 49ers have a 4 34 percent chance of winning. the Super Bowl next season Please, don't 
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      Feb 3, 2013 So, what's the criteria for winning a Super Bowl a year away? Here are the odds for each NFL team. to win next year's Super Bowl.
    • Feb 5, 2012. How will rookie Andrew Luck alter the odds for next season's Super Bowl. favorite, and where can first-year stars Cam Newton and Andy Dalton 
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      Feb 5, 2013. Summary of the following season. of Super Bowl Winners:. that have lost the Super Bowl have come back to play in the big game the next year 
    • Feb 12, 2010 The Raiders lost Super Bowl XXXVII after winning 11 games during the regular season The next year, they won 5 games, setting in motion 
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      Sep 20, 2013 With the Chiefs already vaulting from two total wins in 2012 to three in three games in 2013, an interesting question has emerged, courtesy of 
    • Dec 29, 2013 It was an erratic performance by the third-year quarterback, who threw Super Bowl champ that failed to. reach the playoffs the following Joe Flacco and the Ravens fail to make the playoffs. after winning the Super Bowl last 
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      Check the success of every winning Super Bowl team. the year following their championship season The NFC won 16 of the 20 Super Bowls during in Super Bowl XXX the next year also gave 
    • While the first five Super Bowl winners of the 2000s posted above average winning percentages the year following 
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      Jan 4, 2014. That eight-year stretch began in 2005 with Pittsburgh, as the No. 6 seed in the AFC went on to win. the Super Bowl, and the champions so the Packers-49ers winner will travel to Carolina next Sunday for the divisional round