• NFL Teams strength of schedule rankings for the 2013 regular season are. What are the NFL Odds your team will. be the 2014 Super Bowl 48 champion?
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      The only exception is the Super Bowl. teams, who always pick last The team with the lowest strength of schedule. percentage wins the tiebreaker and picks 
    • Dec 11, 2013 Here's breakdown of each teams' 2013 NFL strength of schedule. of schedule based on their Vegas. odds of winning the Super Bowl
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      Jan 30, 2013 and allowed relative to the league average. and adjusted for strength of schedule. Of the 92 teams to have played in the Super Bowl before this year, Their winning percentage is actually nearly 80 percent when you ignore 
    • 2013 NFL strength of schedule based on based on their opponent's last year's. pro football team based on their opponents previous season won/loss record for future bets such as odds to win the Super Bowl, conference and divisional
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      The division champion with the second-best record. The division Strength of. schedule The Super Bowl winner is last and Super Bowl loser is next-to-last
    • Feb 7, 2012. Here are how the past nine Super Bowl winners and losers have compared in. terms of their NFL rank in strength of schedule (based on point 
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      The tournament ends with the Super Bowl, the league's championship game, Strength of schedule (the combined won-lost-tied percentage of all the teams 
    • Apr 15, 2008. The strength of schedule entering a season is based on opponents' records. from the year before; the better the records of the opponents, the 
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      Sep 1, 2009 To get the numbers above, I researched the schedules of all 43 Super Bowl. winners and in the process I discovered some other interesting