• May 14, 2012 Currently the girlfriend of indie rock star Miles Kane, she's also been romantically entwined with Kooks singer Luke Pritchard. Georgia May 
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      About: Suki Waterhouse (also known as Suki Alice) embodies everything that is cool Former girlfriend to The Kooks frontman. Luke Pritchard, she met Georgia 
    • Mar 19, 2013 She's a British model: Waterhouse -- who goes by Suki Alice Waterhouse dated Luke Pritchard, the frontman of the band the Kooks, but they 
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      Nov 27, 2011 M&S model Suki Waterhouse and singer Luke Pritchard have separated 'Suki is devastated as they have dated for a year,' says a friend.
    • Mar 19, 2013. Suki Waterhouse. Occupation: British Model, Photographer and Musician Nickname:. Suki Alice Former relationship: Luke Pritchard from The 
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      Find and follow posts tagged. suki alice on Tumblr. happyjackwasnttall. #suki waterhouse#Suki Alice · 127 notes. miles-. ilovelukepritchard · #the kooks#luke  
    • Jan 16, 2011 Luke Pritchard and girlfriend Suki Alice (on the cover of JUNK OF THE Suki Waterhouse ~ Love Magazine December 2012by Vídeos de 
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      Oct 11, 2011 MODEL Suki Waterhouse is perhaps one of fashion's most well-connected new model names. Girlfriend to The Kooks frontman. Luke Pritchard, 
    • Apr 26, 2013. Suki Alice Waterhouse was born in London and is described as a model, And before HIM she dated Kooks frontman, Luke Pritchard Not bad 
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      Apr 15, 2013 Ok, it's official we are totally jealous of Suki Waterhouse she was previously linked to the Kooks front man Luke Pritchard – you remember The Kooks “You're So Naïve”… She sometimes goes by the name of Suki Alice…