• Mar 28, 2013 Our Five Minutes In Heaven With Game Of Thrones' Natalie Dormer Stark), Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark), John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), We press onwards with the only Game Of Thrones-related. question of the interview
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      In between her hectic filming schedule, Sophie. likes nothing more than to relax at home. Four Seasons Interviews Part 4: Sophie Turner and Natalie Dormer
    • Mar 31, 2013. I mean, Sophie and I -- Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa -- we've had this. Natalie Dormer: Not really, insofar. as I'm not Sophie's age.
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      Mar 25, 2013 natalie-dormer-sophie-turner-game-of-thrones. jpg. day where we spoke to Turner and Dormer in a roundtable interview about Season 3
    • Apr 3, 2013. Game of Thrones - Natalie Dormer Season 3 Interview Games Of Thrones Sansa Stark - Sophie Turner Interview - Season 3 & 4by Red 
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      Aug 31, 2013 Sophie Turner,Maisie Williams,Natalie Dormer,John Bradley. Mar 29, 2013 TV / Interviews / Sophie Turner & Natalie Dormer on 'Game of. Natalie Dormer just joined the cast last. season, but the two get along famously
    • Mar 23, 2013 TURNER: [Natalie] has no clue what the story is She just got the part and thought. she'd wing it DORMER: Slander!
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      Mar 30, 2013 The last (but not least) interview of the day took place on the tail-end of GameOfThrones-NatalieDormer-SophieTurner-630-2-jpg_205943
    • Mar 24, 2013 Game-of-Thrones-Sophie-Turner-Natalie-Dormer-slice At the show's press day , co-stars Sophie Turner (“Sansa Stark”). and Natalie Dormer (“Margaery Tyrell”) talked about how nice. very nice interview. , love these two. -.
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      Apr 12, 2013 Natalie Dormer is on the "Elementary" set! From Winnie-The-Pooh12 · A Brief Interview With Ben Marcus · New Hilary Mantel Book Coming In September Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon, Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark