• MUT Graphics Madden Ultimate Team. Can someone make me Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas Avatars, 1, p-CashCityBoy-p 19, 01/19/2014. 16:12: 31
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      MUT VET! Sports Junkie @AZCardinals. @SFGiants @SacramentoKings Fan! for a chance to win your choice of a RTTP. (ZD/MD or PR/RS) Richard Sherman!
    • Aug 21, 2013 Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman, Eric Weddle, Charles Tillman and Jairus Byrd are the top five DB's in Madden NFL 25. Weddle, Byrd and 
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      Jun 1, 2013 Madden NFL 13 - 2 Star Richard Sherman Review - Madden 13 Ultimate Team - MUT 25 - Madden Ultimate Team 13 
    • Jun 1, 2013 Quick Review of 3 Star Richard Sherman 3 Star Richard Sherman Giveaway 1 MUST BE SUBSCRIBED 2. LIKE for an Entry 3 Comment 
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      Sep 20, 2013 LE Sherman + MUT Millionaire Promos! "Madden I open some packs in search of the new Limited Edition. Richard Sherman! LIKE the video if 
    • Sep 22, 2013 Madden 25 Ultimate Team Limited Edition & MUT Millionaire Pack Openings Richard Sherman. Wyza·357 videos SubscribeSubscribed 
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      RichardSherman 91CB HT6' 3"; SPD89; AGI93; AWR85; TCKL61; MCOV94; ZCOV88; PRES93; PREC87 Elite Chemistry Boost. +11 ZD 
    • Don't know why people don't like this card. it's awesome. No he doesn't have. 97 speed like Deion But he does have 94 press. Don't need 97 speed if your WR 
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      I was lucky enough to pull one of these guys when they were first released and he is by far the best cb in the game besides probly Deion Sanders but I haven't