• Jan 13, 2013 Richard Sherman is used to getting his way against NFL wide receivers, but He took his medicine with class, clapping at White's antics
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      Nov 22, 2013 Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman likes to talk Yeah he talk and gave a golf clap when he bit. for the double move, but basically keeps 
    • Oct 18, 2013. Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has never hurt for. Richard Sherman: We're the best in the NFL at all 4 secondary. *golf. clap*
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      Feb 14, 2013 Even in the offseason, Richard Sherman. continues to run his mouth The “ congratulations” appears just. as sarcastic as the golf clap he gave 
    • Oct 2, 2013. NFL fans know Richard Sherman as a star cornerback for the Seattle. Sherman gave him a sarcastic golf clap as he slowly walked away from 
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      Dec 9, 2013. They congratulated the 49ers with the equivalent of a golf clap, and walked. away from the loss believing they are still the team to beat, writes 
    • Jan 13, 2013. From Yahoo Sports: Throughout the NFC divisional playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons, Seattle cornerback 
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      Jun 7, 2013 Seahawks CB Richard Sherman, left, and Falcons WR Roddy White (84) over Seattle, all White got from Sherman was a sarcastic golf clap
    • Jan 13, 2013 Richard Sherman can't take it. as well as he can dish it out. I'm just going to clap because, at the end of the. day, I'm still pretty good at playing 
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      Jan 13, 2013 The last time we saw Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman he was getting shoved in the face by Washington Redskins offensive