• Jun 7, 2013. White and Bailey were reacting to Sherman's claim that White didn't. regarding White and his awkward. exchange with Skip Bayless Roddy White to Richard Sherman in the playoffs Your heads buried in the sand.
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      May 16, 2013 He also once decided to take Skip. Bayless to task on his own turf. Photo Credit: Richard. Sherman Facebook But, GB Jennings went over the top of WR Martin who was buried by GB players, which clearly was blatant 
    • Jun 29, 2012 Skip Bayless purportedly said he was “totally against taking. Richard Sherman to Skip Bayless: “I'm better at life than you” Thankful it's late of a Friday, hopefully my shame is properly buried come next week Reply.
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      Mar 8, 2013. afternoon, Richard Sherman of the Seahawks. blasted Skip Bayless on ESPN's First Take and Bayless live and die by the mantra that any publicity is. Lets face the suits at ESPN have their heads buried in the sand far 
    • 1 day. ago Richard Sherman is never afraid to stick. his beak into a discussion, and There was the time last year when he attacked Skip Bayless on Sherman's loud side had to be buried, and he quickly perfected the sports cliche.
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      Mar 7, 2013 Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. quickly has become one of the most Both Skip Bayless and Richard Sherman. are arrogant and unlikable raked over and buried in hot coals for saying. “I'm open to suggestions
    • Mar 7, 2013 From Yahoo Sports: If you watch ESPN's horrific "debate" program "First Take," ( and under normal circumstances, our first question would be, 
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      Mar 7, 2013. Richard Sherman gets snarky with Skip Bayless, provides a marginal reason to watch 'First. Take There is no offseason for Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman When he "Has Science Buried God?" - Richard 
    • Mar 8, 2013 What did one successful blowhard. say to the other?
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      Jan 11, 2013 SKIP BAYLESS SAYS RICHARD. SHERMAN IS DISRESPECTFUL Watch Later Richard Sherman (The Sherminater). Seattle Seahawks CBby