• Dec 2, 2013. Pete Carroll gets top hat, cane. and monocle in great GIF December Pete Carroll feels badly about Seahawks running fake punt while up 30.
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      Jan 12, 2014. He'll really feel bad after next Sunday when the Hawks trounce his 49er team What was with the fake punt? liddogg33 says: Jan 12, Everyone rips Pete Carroll for the way he jumps around happy on the sidelines I'll take 
    • Dec 17, 2012 Several on Twitter immediately called head coach Pete Carroll out for running The #Seahawks ran a fake punt when. they were up by 30 points? "I feel bad about this," Carroll said, via Danny O'Neil of The Seattle Times
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      Dec 17, 2012 “I feel bad about this,” Carroll told the media after the game “I hear from the guys. about the fake punt That was part of our game plan
    • Dec 16, 2012 And Seattle just ran a fake punt while up 30 points Pete. O'Neill of the Seattle Times that he "feels bad" about not stopping the fake punt call.
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      Dec 16, 2012 TORONTO — Coach Pete Carroll didn't call for the fake punt specifically The problem. was "I feel bad about this," Carroll said The Seahawks 
    • Dec 17, 2012. Pete Carroll says he feels bad about the fake punt Seattle ran on Buffalo late in the game Sunday, but that it was an "automatic" based on a 
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      Dec 17, 2012. The Seattle Seahawks coach said he felt bad about his team successfully executing a fake punt in the fourth quarter of a 50-17 blowout of the 
    • Dec 16, 2012. Pete Carroll faced questions Sunday night after his Seattle Seahawks ran a fake punt while holding a "I feel bad about this," Carroll said
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      Dec 17, 2012 Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he regrets allowing his team to attempt a fake punt while they had a 30-point lead in the fourth