• Aug 18, 2013. Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver found out the hard way. Fox network sideline reporter Pam Oliver. takes a football off the face (Video) Hit us up on Twitter @ YShutdownCorner, email us at shutdown corner@yahoo. com 
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      Aug 18, 2013. Pam Oliver gets drilled in the face by football [VIDEO] UPDATE (11:00. p m ): The player responsible for hitting. Oliver -- backup quarterback 
    • Sep 3, 2013. SCROLL DOWN. FOR VIDEO. Blow: Pam Oliver reacts after being hit on the head by a football thrown by Indianapolis' Chandler Harnish
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      Aug 18, 2013. Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver showed. her toughness when an errant. Featured Game Highlights Videos Game Highlights What a hit.
    • Aug 19, 2013 Oliver was preparing for a sideline report before Sunday's new York. Video: Pam Oliver shows toughness after. getting hit by football 
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      Sep 1, 2013. Pam Oliver has learned the hard way that. danger is always a part of football FOX Sports reporter Pam Oliver was hit in the head with a football errantly The video went fairly viral on social media, and Oliver laughed it off at 
    • Sep 3, 2013 Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver didn't sit. out of the broadcast after getting hit Reporter Injured After Getting Hit. In Head With Football (VIDEO)
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      Aug 19, 2013 Football is a dangerous sport, and not just for the players Fox's Pam Oliver was in the wrong place. at the wrong time Sunday night when a 
    • Aug 18, 2013 Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver gets hit with. a football in pre-game warmups by Colts You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video
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      Sep 1, 2013. But it was no longer a laughing matter when Pam Oliver realized that she had suffered a concussion when she was conked on the head by a