• Jan 23, 2011 Small market team that has a strong. # of Super Bowl and playoff wins Not to mention the 13. NFL Championships. The Super Bowl trophy is 
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      Jan 2, 2014 NFL 2013: Which Teams Fit the Profile of Past Super Bowl Winners? per attempt, and also used the simple rating system and team record
    • Super bowl history, standings, scores. and winners stats are some of the However, in his last NFL game, Ray Lewis was able to help his defensive unit make 13–3 regular season record, and were. also seeking their fourth Super Bowl win
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      Jun 5, 2012 The Super Bowl It is the pinnacle of professional football. The ultimate game on. the ultimate stage The best against the best.
    • NFL : Super Bowls >, Matchups · Franchise records. · Super Bowl Droughts · Records. Super Bowl wins/appearances per division Division Wins NFC East 12 
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      Year, SB, Winner, Pts, Loser, Pts, MVP, Stadium, City, State. Find out each Super Bowl winning team throughout NFL pro football history.
    • The NFC/NFL leads in Super Bowl wins with 25, while the AFC/AFL has won 22 have won the most Super Bowls with six championships (record 6–2), while 
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      This is a list of Super Bowl records, which includes performances of the highest and lowest caliber throughout the history of the Super Bowl The list All records can be referenced at NFL com Super Bowl win with no home playoff games.
    • Most Touchdowns, Game 3, Terrell Davis, Denver vs. Green Bay, XXXII 2, Elijah Pitts, Green Bay vs Kansas City, I Larry Csonka, Miami vs Minnesota, VIII.
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      Complete Super Bowl History including winners, box scores, MVPs, haltime performers The 2013 NFL Post Season Probabilities table. presents the probabilities that a Record, Super Bowl Winner, Super Bowl, Conference Championship, Round 2