• Susan Bordo (left) and Natalie Dormer as Queen Anne Boleyn Natalie had auditioned in her natural hair color, which is blonde, fully expecting that if she got  
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      Nov 5, 2013 And that certain something was. Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn. Dormer, a natural blonde, had dyed her hair a dark brown for the role; this. producers to allow Anne to retain her natural. hair color—and she got her way
    • tags: #Margaery Tyrell #Natalie Dormer #Game of Thrones #pressing hair Looks like she's rocking the blonde in real life. (close to her natural color, I think?)  
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      Jun 4, 2013 Natalie Dormer couldn't have been dressed more appropriately as she arrived to a film festival in. That hair color is all wrong for her! 9. In my opinion, she is so much prettier with. her natural dark hair and minimal makeup
    • Mar 28, 2013 Natalie Dormer's mouth hung. open in sheer disbelief. glacial blue gaze at Turner, who coincidentally shares a very similar striking eye color.
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      Sep 15, 2013. Natalie Dormer on her 'Game of Thrones' costumes:. 'My breasts don't naturally sit in that position because my breasts don't naturally sit. in that position,” said Dormer “I go from my long blonde hair to this brunette color…
    • Mar 30, 2013 Her blond hair is artfully tousled, slightly. chaotic yet somehow falling in perfect hair ” And though highlighted, blond is her. natural color… which to some might. Game-of-Thrones-Margaery-Tyrell-natalie-dormer-30173311- 
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      "Natalie [Dormer] herself was concerned about the blue eyes The most amazing story, though, is about her hair She auditioned as a blonde. (her natural color) 
    • Natalie Dormer has personally opened. up about her time filming The Natalie had auditioned in her natural hair color, which is blonde, fully 
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      May 19, 2012 Natalie Dormer, the 26 year-old actress who was chosen to play the role of Natalie had auditioned in her natural. hair color, which is blonde,