• Aug 29, 2013. The Lakers deny reaching out to Lamar Odom regarding. the potential of signing him if he goes to rehab
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      Aug 29, 2013 Reactions to the trade of Caron Butler to the Milwaukee Bucks, a Lamar Odom to the Lakers rumor update, and more
    • Dec 6, 2013. Lamar Odom played in 82 games for the Los Angeles Clippers last year. When the season was over, there was. no mad scramble to resign him
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      Oct 25, 2013 Los Angeles Lakers fans embrace just about everyone who puts on the purple. and gold, but few players ever received the sort of unconditional 
    • Dec 17, 2013 Lamar Odom was ready to return to the Lakers or Clippers after a couple of lost seasons The Lakers and Clippers were apparently ready to 
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      Dec 4, 2013 Lamar Odom was a productive member of the Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers also reportedly expressed interest in Odom's services at that 
    • The Lakers and Hawks registered interest in the forward while he was still with the The Clippers have been monitoring Lamar Odom for months, and while 
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      Nov 17, 2013 At the Los Angeles Clippers' practice facility on Nov 16, former Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar. Odom met with head coach Doc Rivers
    • Kardashian, a younger sister of the better-known TV celebrity Kim Kardashian, married Odom, 34, a former player for the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas 
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      Nov 14, 2013 The Lakers apparently interested in bringing Lamar Odom back to the team. at some point during the season if he can prove that his personal