• Aug 24, 2013. Khloe Kardashian marriage problems with Lamar Odom apparently stem. unless hes snorting em thru his dick im not seeing the connection 
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      Sep 27, 2011 This eventually led to the revelation that Scott Disick has a gigantic. penis and that he's trying to compete with Lamar Odom. “Honestly, it's way 
    • Jun 3, 2013 “Khloe and Lamar are definitely doing some super weird things,” Scott. It's my penis, knocking on your back door,” but somehow she does.
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      Jan 18, 2011 Lamar Odom Says No to Sex Tape; Describes Khloe Kardashian As 'Not especially since she has a penis And a big hairy. penis at that
    • Oct 19, 2013. If Lamar Odom is deriving hope from the fact that Khloe Kardashian still hasn't filed for. Lamar has a huge penis and Khloe is a sex addict
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      Nov 22, 2013. Shirtess With another shirtless. man But then again, maybe I'm just not up on the fine language of penis-vagina romance like Lamar Odom is, 
    • Jun 5, 2013 He assumes Khloe and Lamar Odom probably do it in the butt all the time and he knows Rob does; “It's my penis knocking on your back door.
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      News. (36). Lamar Odom Got High On Crack And Rapped About Cheating On Khloe · 24 Comments » Scott Disick Has A Giant Penis? This Guy? 5 Photos »
    • Oct 23, 2013 Lamar Odom tells TMZ he hasn't been blackballed from the Kardashian family -- and WAS invited to Kanye's big proposal to Kim -- but he 
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      Oct 6, 2013 Khloe Kardashian admitted estranged. husband Lamar Odom is a 'a to dunk his bread into his soda and that. he also has 'a nine-inch penis'