• on Mrs Crabtree's TV. Afterward, Cartman remembers. his father, John Elway. Clyde shows off his new and improved girlfriend to the boys 11,884 views 
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      Jul 15, 2013 Broncos Hall-of-Famer John Elway lost his thrill at Cherry Creek Grill of the story, but according to Elway, he and his girlfriend, Paige Green, 
    • John Elway Divorce Profile; John Elway Wedding Married; John Elway Baby Relationship; John Elway Girlfriend "Encounter"; John Elway Wife On-Screen.
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      Nov 25, 2005. I had a celeb run-in with John. Elway a couple years back young chick that looked to be the girlfriend of the recently divorced former QB
    • Nov 17, 2013. Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn are on the Denver sideline with John Elway before the game with the Kansas City. Tiger looks 
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      Feb 1, 2004. Two hours before the NFL announced that John Elway would join I knew Elway and his girlfriend before they married, and then divorced
    • Nov 23, 2013 Jack Del Rio has found his name in the press a lot lately Between serving as interim head coach of the Denver Bronco's in John Fox's absence 
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      Jan 14, 2012 Photos and Information About John Elway's Wife Paige Green Sep 26, 2008 John Elway is suiting. up again for marriage. The Hall-of-Famer became engaged to girlfriend. Paige Green while in Italy last week.
    • John Albert. Elway, Jr (born June 28, 1960) is a former American football quarterback and is. now the executive vice president of football operations for the  
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      Oct 15, 2010 Hall of Fame Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway is $15 million poorer Elway, who has diversified business holdings including a large