• This drill is based on the common. kids' game of tag. Mark off a grid or. One less ball than the number of players in the drill Players run. Line Soccer Start with 
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      Games, skills. & drills. Pepper Pot: Divide children into Stage 1 – each team has a ball (try different types, e g. : football, tennis, rugby…). and tries to hit the 
    • Games, skills & drills Snakes: Split group into 4 groups. Stage 1 – each team has a ball (try different types, e g : football, te nis, rugby…) and tries to hit the 
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      May 21, 2012 Equipment 1) Large number of cones 2) 4 indoor footballs. 3) 4 benches Lesson objective The children are to practise football skills and look 
    • Suggestions for coaches and teachers to help. boost their players' confidence levels Contributed by Soccer Drills Tips Soccer Dribbling Drills PDF document 
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      For FUN youth soccer drills, youth soccer games and soccer drills. for kids, check out our age specific drills for kids of all ages.
    • A nifty tool for netball, football, rugby and rounders coaching. It is designed for. There are more than 50 drills on the site, suitable for all ages Each drill comes 
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      Free football coaching / soccer coaching drills and football training information Improve your performance Shooting,2v2,heading,goalkeeping,passing,control 
    • Mar 30, 2011. Soccer drills Each drill comes with diagrams and clear instructions multi-skill cards of games that introduce. various skills for KS1 pupils:.
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      soccer coaching drills and games designed to improve shooting, ball control, communication, team work, defending, dribbling and heading