• 2 days ago Broncos: Complete Guide and Prediction for AFC Championship. When the New England Patriots travel to take on the Denver Broncos, two of 
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      Nov 23, 2013. In what is easily the game of the week, the Denver Broncos will be taking on the New England Patriots in the latest chapter of the Tom Brady vs
    • 1 day ago. The New England Patriots and Denver Broncos have been two of the best teams in the AFC all season Despite major injuries on both sides of 
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      Nov 24, 2013. Ball bounces off Tony Carter and the Patriots recover Big that's. just. The Patriots punt and the Broncos will start at their own 12-yard line. Big
    • Nov 24, 2013 The game was a tale of two halves, as the Patriots overcame a 24-0 halftime. Week 12 vs Patriots Final Analysis for the Denver Broncos
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      Nov 24, 2013 The New England Patriots overcame three first-quarter fumbles and mounted 28 straight points en route to a comeback victory in overtime over 
    • Nov 25, 2013 The Pats overcame some improbable odds, as ESPN Boston stats guru Time and again, the Broncos were able to pound the rock with 
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      It's pretty hard to criticize a likeable, amazing player, but Denver Broncos the AFC Championship Game against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots is 
    • 16 hours. ago. Manning had the Broncos offense moving quickly and throwing a variety of formations at the young Patriots defense. The Pats defense came 
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      15 hours. ago Peyton Manning throws for 400 yards and two touchdowns as the Denver. Broncos beat the New England Patriots 26-16 to advance to the