• Dec 12, 2013. He's 6-2 in Denver after the Bolts. toughed out a gritty fourth quarter The Broncos scored a touchdown to open the game, but settled for a field 
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      Jan 12, 2014 During those quarters, the Broncos moved the ball a total of 260. When San Diego did get points onto the score board, however, they did it 
    • Dec 11, 2013. The Chargers scored touchdowns when. they were in the red zone, kept. consecutive quarters of not scoring any points, the Broncos' offense 
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      Dec 21, 2013 Manning completed three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter, and. One more and Broncos will have five players score at least 10 TDs
    • Jan 11, 2014. The Chargers made a late run in the game, scoring 17 points in the fourth. quarter , but the Broncos held on to defeat San Diego, 24-17, and 
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      14 hours ago. 4th Quarter, 3:07 — Broncos 26, Patriots 16: Tom Brady hasn't been able to But those three points make it a three-score game for the Patriots
    • 15 hours ago Third quarter, 7:52, Broncos. 20-3: This one might be over The Broncos just went on a seven-minute. scoring drive with ease. The Patriots have 
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      21 hours ago. Patriots vs Broncos score today LIVE. for AFC championship game online in For complete live updates and quarter-by-quarter. coverage of the 
    • 11 hours ago. 6-12, 7-13. 4th down efficiency. 1-2, 1-1 Total Plays, 56, 71 Total Yards, 320, 507. Yards per. play, 5 7, 7 1 Total Drives, 8, 8 Passing, 256, 400
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      In earning their spots in Super Bowl XLVIII, the Seattle Seahawks (the NFL's top scoring defense) and the Denver Broncos (the league's top scoring offense)