• Aug 20, 2013 I'm pretty sure Macklemore didn't really want. that title but now he has a whole group of fans. I mean, have you seen his audience on tumblr?
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      Aug 29, 2013 macklemore sounded like what a 12 year old kid would. dream about sayin to kanye and practicing it take that shit back to. tumblr you retard
    • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Can't hold us | DUO @Macklemore (by DuoDanceTv ) Jun 16 · 25 · dance dancer bboygenc: BBoy. Franklin Zoom bboygenc:
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      BBOY- Macklemore. http://cleanandsupreme. tumblr com/. (Source:. d-f-e) POSTED 2 days ago ? 3,056 notes · REBLOG · cl0thes0ff: browwnfox tumblr com.
    • Macklemore photos and video from the. Wild Buffalo, Western Washington Macklemore performing B-Boy at Western Washington University, but with a Beverly 
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      Apr 11, 2013 Seattle rapper Macklemore's hard road to the biggest hit of the year saw skipping across the Saturday Night Live stage like a hyperactive B-boy two weeks ago Facebook; Twitter; Google+; YouTube; Pinterest; Tumblr 
    • Born and raised on Maui! B-boy for ~3-4 years When I'm not Tumblin', I'm Dancing or Eating! Artist: Macklemore/Anton Elmvik. Played: 901,467. times
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      Jan 9, 2014. The song B-Boy is Macklemore's way of giving a shout out to the rappers who still put their passion into their practice while examining why 
    • Find and follow posts tagged b boy on Tumblr #break dancing#b boy#b girl# graffiti#street art#beach#palm trees#skeleton#lights#gif#dope · 1,476 notes
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      Discography/Audio Open Your Eyes (2000). *Under Professor Macklemore* 1. The Language of My World (2005) 1 Introduction 2 White Privilege 3 B-Boy 4