• Jan 4, 2013. In pictures: Arnold Schwarzenegger driving a tank around crushing cars at. the press junket for The Last Stand at Melody Ranch Studios in 
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      Jan 9, 2013 The Last Stand: Tank Riding With Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold, who was a tank driver in the Austrian. army when he was younger, met the 
    • Jan 18, 2013 As part of promoting his comeback action film 'The Last Stand,' Arnold Schwarzenegger takes us out for a nice tank driving session in the 
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      Jan 7, 2013 Tank Driving Is All About Being A "Smooth" Operator. Arnold When I say that Schwarzenegger operates. his own vehicle, I mean it And he 
    • Jan 5, 2013. And when an Aviators-wearing, cigar-smoking Arnold Schwarzenegger is. your tank driver? No other experience even comes close! Sadly 
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      Jan 6, 2013. It hardly seems shocking that Arnold Schwarzenegger owns a tank When Arnold. does So I always wanted to be a tank driver ' Arnold and his 
    • Feb 28, 2008. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator star and Governor of California, has and spent seven days in jail before. going to tank-driving school
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      Jan 4, 2013 After serving 1 year in the military the "Terminator" has remained with his life dream: "I always wanted to be a tank driver I learned how to drive 
    • 1947 - Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is born on July 30 in the hamlet of Thal bei Graz, 1965 - Arnold joins the Austrian army as a tank driver, but continues his 
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      Jan 4, 2013 From Yahoo Movies: Arnold Schwarzenegger owns his own tank Because of. Schwarzenegger in the driver's seat (Photo: Matt McDaniel)