• Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 11:40 am Post subject: Does Arnold drink alcohol? something like "Milk is for babies, Beer is what you drink when you grow up
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      Jul 26, 2013 Arnold Schwarzenegger So if you don't care about calories, go ahead and drink milk, if you're restricting calories (cutting/losing weight), 
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger. Milk is for babies. When you grow up you. have to drink beer
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      Arnold Schwarzenegger: It's as satisfying to me as, uh, coming is, you know? As, ah, having sex. When you grow up you have to drink beer Is this interesting?
    • Oct 20, 2008 Arnold Schwarzenegger: the name is synonymous with. with him one time in Seattle and he said, "Samir, why don't you have this drink?
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      Jul 1, 1999 Arnold Schwarzenegger did a lot of things wrong He performed endless sets of leg extensions thinking. that he was "cutting up" his thighs
    • "Milk is for babies When you grow up you have to drink beer " - Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes from BrainyQuote com.
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      ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER The man. Consider Arnold Schwarzenegger At 6'2" oui: Was your training affected by the drinking and screwing around?
    • Aug 11, 2012. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't drink milk and he explains why.
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      Feb 15, 2011. Did Arnold Schwarzenegger drink alcohol? Of course he did It's not a big deal really, but you can see the former governor here being goofy