• Mar 29, 2013 Tuneage: CRAZY ON YOU (written by Ann & Nancy Wilson) "Crazy on You" is the 3rd track from. their debut album Dreamboat Annie, 
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      After Ann Wilson joined (in 1970 or 1972), the band was renamed Hocus Pocus. where, helped by two hit singles in 1976, ("Crazy. on You" and "Magic Man", which In November 1980, the double album Greatest Hits/Live was released and 
    • "Crazy on You" is the debut American single from the rock band Heart. During an interview on Private Sessions, Ann Wilson revealed the song was. written in response to the stress caused by the Vietnam War and social Live albums
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      "Crazy On You", written by Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson, went into the Top 40 in the spring of 1976 heralding the first of almost two dozen hit songs by Heart
    • 4 févr 2007 "Crazy On You" (Live) by Heart - Nancy & Ann Wilson from "Dreamboat Annie" 1976 (& from "The Virgin Suicide" soundtrack) Le tube de leur 
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      Oct 12, 2012. Heart's Ann Wilson on “Crazy On You,” “Barracuda,” and a crooning “Going To California” (live cover, originally released on 1971's Led 
    • Sep 6, 2007 Taken from Burt Sugarman's The Midnight Special show aired March 4th 1977 Ann Wilson had (has) one of the finest voices in rock history (my 
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      Jul 1, 2012 You need Adobe Flash Player. to watch this video Heart - Crazy On You - Ann & Nancy Wilson. Live 1978by Dee Hudson590,851 views; 2:23.
    • Nov 26, 2007. Awesome live performance I'm guessing from 1978, but not for sure Ann and Nancy Wilson wrote this about Mike Fisher, who was Heart's 
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      Jun 25, 2006 Crazy On You Live at Women. Rock 2000 Concert Ann. and. Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart) - Stairway To Heaven - Kennedy Center Honors Led